Grower to Grower

America in Bloom

America in Bloom is a national beautification program fostering civic pride in communities across the country. It is a friendly competition that recognizes and rewards participating communities for their efforts. Over the years, numerous Massachusetts cities have participated including New Bedford, Boston, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Winchester and Newburyport.


Many communities already have programs, activities, and services that fit the America In Bloom spirit but may need a little extra effort to package them together and create more awareness. Participants in Canada's Communities in Bloom have found it's best to take a good look at what you have and build on it with a new idea each year. The key is to keep the program manageable and focused for community volunteers and not take on too much. This also helps communities with limited funding and resources to prioritize projects.


A community that is involved in A.I.B. uses more plant material and will likely keep its displays fresh all summer resulting in more late season sales. An additional benefit comes as homeowners see community plantings and do more to make their own home landscape a part of the community effort. Your retail business will become the place to go for supplies, and as a wholesale grower you will benefit by supplying the retailers. A good effort now will pay dividends for years to come. The contest draws attention to the grower and his/her business. This is will be good for your business, your standing in the community and the industry overall.

The Time Is Right To Launch America In Bloom
The MFGA is encouraging its members to organize efforts in their communities. This is the time to start the process for the spring of 2008. If you think your city or town would be a good candidate for participation in America In Bloom, you should begin by talking with local officials. Working with local business organizations or gardens clubs may also be a good first step. MFGA is also a great resource as members have already initiated programs in their communities and will share their experiences.

You don't have to be part of a large city with large budget.
All you need is a little leadership.
For information and help on how to involve your town or city in America in Bloom, contact
Bob Luczai.