Plant Something MA


We are Massachusetts’ professional environmental horticulturists — people who grow, care for, design and install plantings and landscapes in your community. We operate on 90,000 acres of agricultural land, most of which is open space and/or land preservation. We contribute $2.6 billion to the Massachusetts economy through our 5,000 businesses and we employ 68,000 people.

We love and appreciate the world of trees and plants and want to share it with you.

Visit the Plant Something MA website to tap our knowledge, experience and skills to help create the plant spaces that you need and want at your home. And if you can’t find exactly what you have in mind there, we invite you to use the locator map that can direct you to other resources closest to your home.

Plant Something Massachusetts is a partnership project of the Massachusetts Flower Growers’ Association (MFGA) and the Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association (MNLA).

Plant Something for Pollinators on May 15 and beyond

Starting on May 15, we invite people in cities and towns all over Massachusetts to plant something for pollinators—and share in the fun of planting. Over the past three years coordinators—and countless supporting volunteers—planned, promoted and implemented planting projects across the state. Participants, including garden centers, professional landscapers, garden clubs, homeowners, school groups, Agricultural Commissions, and Boy Scouts, beautified communities throughout the Commonwealth!

Plant Something for Growers

Have you heard about the Plant Something campaign?

The goal of Plant Something is to encourage consumers to buy and plant more greenhouse and nursery material. This campaign is for YOU…for YOUR business.

Each May, Plant Something organizes a statewide event that involves as many growers, garden centers and nurseries as possible, each promoting an activity at its own operation.

We encourage all growers to put a link to Plant Something on their business websites to build recognition for the campaign. We also ask that you order the signs and other promotional materials for use in your own places of business. The more you do, the more the impact we will have collectively.

It’s up to YOU to get people to “Plant Something.”

Just do it.

Plant Something has been organized and funded by a partnership between the Massachusetts Flower Growers’ Association and the Massachusetts Nursery and Landscaping Association. We have received Proclamations from the Massachusetts House and Senate and the Governor himself has participated in our planting and promotional events.

Want to get involved?

Plans for next year’s Plant Something May 15 campaign are underway. Once again, we are recruiting a public planting coordinator for each city and town in the Commonwealth. That’s right—we are aiming for a public planting in all 351 communities. There will be free resources available on the Plant Something MA website to make organizing the event easy and fun.