Plant Something MA


We are Massachusetts’ professional environmental horticulturists — people who grow, care for, design and install plantings and landscapes in your community. We operate on 90,000 acres of agricultural land, most of which is open space and/or land preservation. We contribute $2.6 billion to the Massachusetts economy through our 5,000 businesses and we employ 68,000 people.

We love and appreciate the world of trees and plants and want to share it with you.

Visit our members Plant Something MA website to tap our knowledge, experience and skills to help create the plant spaces that you need and want at your home. We invite you to use our locator map that can direct you to resources closest to your home.

Plant Something Massachusetts is a project of Massachusetts Flower Growers’ Association, and was originally established in partnership with Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association.

Get growing!

The Massachusetts Flower Growers’ Association and Massachusetts Ag in the Classroom are pleased to provide a simple seed starting kit designed to show elementary age children the science and wonder of horticulture. Funding for this statewide program is provided by a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR).

Download the nasturtium“Jewel Mix” and sunflower “Sonja” seed kit instructions.

Download the sweet pea “Knee High” mix seed kit instructions.

The Massachusetts Flower Growers Association is a participant in a national program called “Plant Something.” Our goal is to encourage everyone to enjoy the fun and beauty of gardening as a great activity with many benefits. We encourage students this Spring to take their families to a local flower grower who can share information with you about growing all types of flowers and plants!

Visit our consumer locator map to find a local grower/garden center.