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Webinar: Disease Management Options for Spring Greenhouse Crops • September 24, 2020

Has managing fungal diseases in your bedding plant crops been a challenge? Do bacterial diseases baffle you? Please join us on Thursday, September 24 from 12-1 PM. Dr. Cheryl Smith, Extension Professor and Plant Health Specialist, UNH Extension will discuss both cultural and chemical management options for the most common, and troublesome diseases of spring […]Learn more. . .

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A New USDA Aid Program for Greenhouse/Floriculture Producers and Nurseries

To all MFGA members and Floriculture Growers in Massachusetts Here is another new USDA assistance program to help our floriculture and nursery growers. It is entitled “Coronavirus Food assistance Program 2 for Floriculture and Nursery Crop Products.” Don’t Let the title with the word “Food” confuse you. This aid Program pays out assistance funds to […]Learn more. . .

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Flower Use Survey For Bee Disease Research

Dr. Lynn Adler at the University of Massachusetts is proposing new research to assess whether pollen from certain flowers can reduce bee disease. This builds on her lab’s discovery that sunflower pollen dramatically reduces a common disease of bumble bees, both in the lab and on farms. This new research would expand these results by […]Learn more. . .

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