MFGA Committees


Special invitation to MFGA members

If you are interested in serving on any of these committees or have any questions, please contact Bob Luczai. We welcome your help.

Promotions and Marketing

This Committee supports MFGA efforts at events like Ag Day and the Flower Show, the Golf Tournament and the many other activities that are listed on this website. The Committee’s goals are to make the appropriate audiences aware of the events and drive participation. The committee uses advertising, brochures, posters, email, and other marketing products to accomplish their goals.

Legislative Committee

MFGA maintains regular contact with state legislators to monitor activities in laws and/or regulations that might affect this industry. MFGA has found it to be an essential part of our organization’s work and of our success. Because the Legislative Committee stays on top of the actions and plans of government, we are able to provide our input and perspective. We are often successful in making better outcomes than would have been possible if this Committee were not involved. As needed, we will hire a lobbyist to assist. This is an important part o what Member dues support.

Finance Committee

In order for the MFGA to provide services to members, to monitor actions of government, to provide scholarships to worthy students in the field, we must have a Committee that watches our finances. Typically, the officers of the Board serve in this capacity.

Scholarship and Research Committee

This Committee reviews the applications for scholarships that we receive annually. Each year, we award a $1,000 scholarship, which is renewable for up to four years.  In any given year, we may be spending $4,000 on scholarships. Our major fundraiser for the Scholarships is our Golf Tournament. (link to that page). This Committee also reviews issues affecting the industry that require some research and recommends action to the Board.

Golf Tournament Committee

This event is our primary fundraiser and as such requires special attention. The Tournament has been in place for 23 years and has annually generated enough revenue to cover our expenses including funding the Scholarships. Each year, we award a $1,000 scholarship, which is renewable for up to four years.  In any given year, we may be spending $4,000 on scholarships. The Tournament is typically held in August. News about past and the upcoming Tournament can be found here.

Educational Programs Committee

One of the best things MFGA does for its members is to ensure they are educated about trends, problems and new ideas within the industry. To this end, we participate in and offer many shows, events, conferences, workshops and programs where members can learn from state and national experts and from each other. Generally, pesticide credits are available at these programs. This Committee is responsible for our participation.

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