Using Pesticides

There are a few things to pay attention to when prepping for and taking the pesticide exam that can affect whether or not someone obtains a pesticide license.

In particular:

  • Examinees must use their webcam properly; 
  • Your face and eyes must be visible during the exam to receive credit; 
  • IT specifications must be met in order for individuals to be able to complete their exam.

It’s important that exam applicants closely review the rules and use of the Exam Quiz Tools thoroughly. Below are a series of pdf documents to help MFGA members properly prepare for renewing their pesticide license.

MDAR: Guide to Online Exams

MDAR: Additional Details for Online Exam Rules and Regulations

MDAR: Pesticide Program Exam Demo Video

MDAR: Online Exam System Requirements

Pesticide Applicator Continuing Education (PACE) |

MFGA Continuing Education Credits: Things to Keep in Mind

MDAR: State Restriction of Pesticide Products Containing Neonicotinoids

It’s important for exam applicants to closely review the rules and use of the Exam Quiz Tools thoroughly.  

The Everblue online exam system records the examinees face and eyes during via their webcam during the exam. The Eveblue online training team reviews the exam recordings before providing the exam results to MDAR to assure that the examinee’s face and eyes can be seen as this data is used to determine where they are during the exam.

It is understood that examinees are not machines and may need to move around a bit or fidget. While it’s okay to move around or fidget, examinees must remain facing the camera—understanding that the system is recording and watching their face and eye movements.

  • The examinee cannot look away from the test screen for extended periods—more than a few seconds. That’s not acceptable.
  • The examinee cannot move their head down for extended periods, such that the webcam only captures their forehead or top of their head—their face and eyes must be seen.

Examinees must remain facing their webcam during their online exam session. Once the exam starts, applicants cannot turn away from their online exam to consult notes, books, or interact with other people. Please note that the online exam provides a webcam “Quiz Tool.” This Quiz Tool shows the applicant what is being recorded and observed during their exam session. The Quiz Tool is demonstrated in the Online Exam Demo Video posted on the MDAR website. Applicants must use the webcam quiz tool to monitor their behavior and their position such that the webcam is capturing their face and eyes—not the top of their head or side of their face. It would be best if all examinees simply use the webcam Quiz Tool as is shown—to make sure that their webcam always captures their face and eyes.  

Additionally, if there are IT issues that may cause an issue for the applicant, the applicant is warned of this prior to the exam beginning. It is important that the applicant watch for the IT warnings and not proceed with the exam if a warning comes up. If there are issues with bandwidth, RAM or other, there is a chance the applicant will get “kicked out” of the exam.

Employers and exam applicants must understand that failure to follow these rules will result in the disqualification of examinees. Such disqualification will carry a six-month prohibition from taking additional exams.

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