Flower Use Survey For Bee Disease Research

Dr. Lynn Adler at the University of Massachusetts is proposing new research to assess whether pollen from certain flowers can reduce bee disease. This builds on her lab’s discovery that sunflower pollen dramatically reduces a common disease of bumble bees, both in the lab and on farms. This new research would expand these results by testing pollen from sunflower relatives, such as zinnias, dahlias, cosmos, black-eyed Susan and echinacea, grown as cut flowers and used in the landscaping/horticulture industry. UMass Extension is collaborating with Dr. Adler to disseminate information as this project evolves.

Demonstrating stakeholder interest in using cut flowers to improve bee health will be an important part of the proposal. Dr. Adler would be grateful for your input on a very brief, five question survey.

If you have any questions, please email Dr. Lynn Adler.

Click here to take the survey.

Massachusetts Flower Growers' Association